Iraq: The Need for Healing Light

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil" (Psalm XXIII)

At least since 1980 and the start of the Iraq-Iran war, Iraqis have lived in the shadow of death, repression, war, the decay and destruction of the economy and social services, the growth of religious sectarianism and crime. Such events have created deep karmic currents and thus have drawn to Iraq non-Iraqi military troops, irregular fighters as well as those who try to help and heal.

Peace Bell

Christchurch, New Zealand

(Photos courtesy of Susan Noble)

This beautiful ceremonial peace bell was dedicated on October 2, 2006 at Christchurch, New Zealand's official peace city.  It is a replica of the original World Peace Bell gifted to the United Nations in 1954 and is one of only 19 such bells around the world.  It is made of coins and medals from 106 countries, including New Zealand.

Communication: The Energy of Peace

by Rene Wadlow

One of the first signs of tension and antagonism is the break in meaningful communications. Negotiations are stopped; ambassadors are recalled; journalists are expelled or not given visas; acquaintances no longer talk. The less communication, the more tensions grow.

We see this cycle within the lives of couples, of organizations, within national life, and in world politics. The answer to this negative cycle is easy in principle but difficult in practice: there is a need to create a strong positive cycle of communication. We all know the principle of harmony and balance as expressed by the Chinese Taoist symbol of Yin and Yang. When one element is too strong, imbalance follows. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the other element for the conscious restoration of harmony. The law of harmony is that of equilibrium.


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