Social Service

Hualapai Indian Reservation Aid Project

On the weekend of September 15 and 16, Miles Standish visited the Hualapai Indian Reservation to deliver six complete computers and a large quantity of blankets, winter coats, jackets and sweaters for the needy.  The Reservation is in the western portion of the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  Donated by members of the Verde Valley Computer Club

Special Courts To Fight Drugs

Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno said special courts to handle drug offenders work better than just sending people to prison. Speaking before a meeting of judges, she said that in 1987 when people were charged with possessing a small amount of cocaine, nothing happened to them. They got credit for time served, got no sort of treatement, and were rotated through the system. So Miami set up a drug court which mixed punitive measures with rehabilitation programs. The program's success became a model for the rest of the country. The court proved it could reduce repeat drug offenses. Courts and judges found that with sufficient resources they could make a tremendous difference in the criminal justice system.

Income Gap Widens Between Rich And Poor

Over two decades, the income gap has steadily increased between the richest Americans, who own estates and stocks and get big tax breaks, and those at the middle and bottom of the pay scale, whose paychecks buy less. The growing disparity is even more pronounced in this recovering economy. Wages are stagnant, and the middle class is shouldering a larger tax burden. Prices for health care, housing, tuition, gas, and food have soared.


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