Social Service

Indian Reservation Newspaper Needs Help

The financial meltdown of the past year or so in the United States has been devastating to millions of Americans, and even more so to First Americans on the many Indian reservations. Of course, the whole world is suffering because of this, but my present appeal is for temporary help in South Dakota.

Lance's Deaf Orphans

Recently, I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Lance McWilliams, a Colorado man who embodies the spirit of altruism. I’m writing to increase awareness of the work he’s doing in Kenya.

Continuing Aid to American Indian Reservations

The Theosophical Order of Service (USA) has been working to improve living conditions on the Reservations for quite some time.  We have provided varying amounts of aid to the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota and the Hualapai in northern Arizona.  Recently we have added the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Eastern Arizona.  We should be able to do more for San Carlos than for the others, because it is closer for us.


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