Social Service

Indian social worker says TOS member project has saved many lives!

I am Rudradevananda, have been working as a Yoga teacher and other relief work since 18 Years. Our Organization sent me to Orissa last year. While working here I found that because of sickle cell many family are suffering. While working in Sambalpur, Orissa, I went to one family, their eldest daughter had sickle cell and two children died. I went to another family village Gargadbahal, Sambalpur Orissa.  There four children died. Then I thought that I must help these people. I studied many books. I went to internet and studied about sickle cell. 

Finally I got contact with Lloyd Standish. He was very happy to know that I am very interest about this service. First he send me two bottle of carao. I gave to first patient Swrnamayee. She got improvement. When I saw the improvement I was very happy.

World Food Policy : The Road to Madrid

“Within a decade, no child will go hungry, no family will fear for its next day’s bread, and no human being’s future and capacity will be stunted by malnutrition” Then US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to the World Food Conference, Rome, November 1974

Hesed House

Hesed is a Hebrew word for Kindness. There is a place in my town called Hesed House. It is a place, often of last resort, for the very poorest people in our community. It is the mission of Hesed House to try and help turn things around for the people that knock on their door seeking shelter.


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